Michigan, USA

In Flint, MI, researchers from the Urban Collaboratory have partnered with community members to support grassroots efforts to increase access to safe drinking water.

About Flint

Flint, MI, is located approximately an hour’s drive from Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Lansing. Home to the University of Michigan - Flint,  the city was a key player in the auto industry for many years.

Flint was thrown into the public eye in 2015 when news broke that water contained unhealthy levels of lead. This announcement, which spurred the Flint Mayor to declare a State of Emergency in the city (and then president Barack Obama to do the same) came following months of advocacy by community residents who experienced detrimental health impacts.

  • Population: 96,448 (July 2018 estimate)
  • Area: 33.42 square miles
  • Median Household Income: $26,330
  • Poverty Rate: 41.2%

"I am so grateful that the University of Michigan Urban Collaboratory has worked so hard helping educate Flint residents to properly use the Point of Use filters that have become a great part of our everyday lives."

Rochelle M. Kelly

Family Navigator, Genessee Health System, Flint Resident

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