Sandy Bay

Hanover Parish, Jamaica

A team from the Urban Collaboratory has partnered with the Jamaican Ministry of Health to enhance public health in Sandy Bay.

About Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is a small beach community in the Hanover Parish in Northwestern Jamaica.

Known for its sandy beaches, rainforests, and reggae music, Jamaica is among the larger of the Caribbean Islands. The country of Jamaica is reliant on tourism revenue and remittances which together comprise about 34% of its GDP.

Faculty from University of Michigan have collaborated with the Jamaican Ministry of Health and other partners to enhance public health through prototype health clinics.

  • Population: ~ 2,990,561 (2017)
  • Land: 4243 sq. miles
  • Health Expenditures: comprise 5.4% of Jamaica’s GDP, ranking Jamaica 130th in the world for health expenditures

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