Benton Harbor

Michigan, USA

The Urban Collaboratory’s work in Benton Harbor focuses on improving transit and water supply systems.

About Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor, Michigan, is located in the Southwest corner of the state near the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

The Urban Collaboratory is currently involved with a series of projects in Benton Harbor focused on transit, mobility, and water. These projects range from assessing the impact of improved public transportation on employment to upgrading water supply management systems. Given the manageable size of the Benton Harbor and its population, the city presents a unique opportunity for University of Michigan researchers to affect positive change.

  • Founded: 1860
  • Population: Approximately 10,000
  • Area: 4.68 Square Miles
  • Median Household Income: $18,962
  • Median Age: 32.6
  • Poverty Rate: 49.2%

"On behalf of the City of Benton Harbor and Greater Southwest Michigan we are pleased to partner with the University of Michigan to positively impact our transportation system. It is exceedingly important for me as the Mayor of the City of Benton Harbor to be on the cutting edge of technology as it relates to mobility and the future of transportation. This collaboration with the University of Michigan is the first step in this great journey."

Marcus Muhammad

Mayor of Benton Harbor

“Benton Harbor is grateful to have the University of Michigan Urban Collaboratory working with us on Transportation and other issues. We already see progress and are encouraged by their involvement and willingness to help.”

Alexandre Little

Director of Economic Development, Benton Harbor

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